An Equation For You

Nothing too fancy. It’s a very simple addition equation:

Books + YouTube

Whoa. Whoa! What is this foreign concept? When can you put something that is traditionally paper and ink with something that is electronic and viral? Cue the screams of “Witchcraft! Witchcraft! Witches are amongst us!

Nope. All you get is BookTube.

BookTube has been around for some time but I’ve recently discovered it a few months ago. It’s a platform for people to discuss/review/rant/cry about books. It’s a lot different than doing a blog being random and going off on tangents is a welcome factor on YouTube but it would just be extremely confusing when you’re typing it out.

I don’t think we should write off BookTube and be angry about the fact that it is garnering a lot of attention. I think the most important factor is to connect with other people over our love of books even if they are of different platforms of media. Some people just find it easier to express their feelings in speech while others prefer to type out their thoughts. Everyone’s different but everyone’s passion for reading remains the same.


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