Shatter the Winner’s Curse

Aw shucks.

It’ll be some time before I can post my Shatter Me review and The Winner’s Curse review. Both books are from my local library and since I was busy with exams and school, I didn’t have the time to finish any of them. I was halfway through The Winner’s Curse and 20 pages into Shatter Me before I realized that I had a couple problems: 1. the due dates for both books were the following day. 2. I was an agonizingly slow reader and would never be able to finish in a couple hours. 3. even if I did manage to finish one book, I would be sacrificing studying time because once I get reading, it’ll probably be a few days until I emerge out of my cocoon.

Yep. The problems of a book blogger who gets her books from a public library and not her personal one.

This means that it’ll probably be some time before I can get those books back into my hands and I can FINALLY do a review on them.

In the mean time, I’ve borrowed some other books and now I shall dive into my little burrow. Don’t take offense if I am completely unresponsive to your attempts of engaging me in some real-world conversation. You can leave a message after the beep.


6 thoughts on “Shatter the Winner’s Curse

  1. As a person who reviews library copies as well, I understand your plight. This is embarrassing to write, but… I’ve had fines in the 3-figure area more than once!!! That’s what comes from loving the library and being pathologically absent minded.

    I’m interested to see what you think of the Winner’s Curse. I’ve read reviews that love it and reviews that didn’t, and so far I’ve thought both perspectives are valid.


    1. I’ve read reviews on The Winner’s Curse who had fans that absolutely adored it and people who wrote scathing reviews on it. The part that I read, I was half-loving it and half-thinking “are some of these parts necessary…?”


  2. Every book worms problem..ever! LOL I love reading and i love my books and i love my library but returning books on time is always a struggle *sigh*! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on both books though! I have LOTS to say about them haha


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