Review: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Every time Lara Jeans falls in love, she writes a letter to that boy. But it’s not a regular love letter. After she finishes writing it, she seals it and puts it in her hatbox. She writes goodbye letters to the boys she loved.

But what happens when those letters get sent out to those boys to read?

All five boys.

to all the boys

I surprised myself by how much I liked it. Never in a million years, would I have thought that I would like fluffiness. I don’t even like marshmallows.

The romance was really, really cute. So adorable. Normally, I have complaints about the romance but for a YA romance, I actually enjoyed it. Who coulda thunk it?

If somebody told me that this was a middle-grade book, I would have bought it. Lara Jean’s voice is childish. She’s sixteen and the writing prose makes it look like she’s twelve. It’s simplistic and the voice sounds petulant at times. Sometimes, she bordered annoying because she acted so immature.

I still can’t believe that Lara Jean actually put real addresses on those letters. And on that note, how did she get the real addresses? Did she bust into the school office and steal them?

Family was a huge part of this book and I loved the very real family dynamic that was written. It was warm and loving. The sisters’ relationship was so very, very real. I especially adored Kitty and Lara Jean’s relationship because it reflected how sisters deal, have disagreements but love each other unconditionally.

But my goodness, that romance. The banter was light-hearted and it seemed like Lara Jean and Peter were already a couple without consciously being aware of it. They genuinely enjoyed each other’s company which was lovely to see. Ah, I’m all aflutter just thinking about it. Jenny Han wrote a wonderful high school romance.

Margot and Josh were insufferable.  I hated how they played off the stereotypes and automatically assumed jocks were players and stupid. I hated how Margot believed Chris was a bad influence because there were rumours that she slept around. I hated how Josh assumed Peter was a jerk because of his reputation. Honestly, I just wanted to scream at Josh for patronizing Lara Jean which just had the added on effect of making her seem younger than she actually is.

While I heartily disliked Josh, I really warmed up to Peter. Although I got a bit confused as to whether he truly did still have feelings for Genevieve, every action and teasing remark that he made spoke volumes about what he felt about Lara Jean. Sweet towards Lara Jean and Kitty, it felt like Peter was already part of the family not because he has been there forever (like Josh) but because he fits without trying.

Romance: I give five mocha sugar donuts.  I just wish Lara Jean wasn’t so irritating. I hear there’s a sequel coming out and I’m crossing my fingers that she matured, in attitude and her voice.


10 thoughts on “Review: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

  1. I usually don’t like fluffy romance but I DO like marshmallows…aaand, I want to try this! I see way too many people rave about it for me to skip it. 😉 I’m hopelessly peer pressured like that.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


  2. Yes I really didn’t like how childish Lara Jean turned out to be. She seemed younger than my sister, seriously. And she’s like nearly 9. HELL YESSSS TO PETER K!!

    Great review, Hilary <33


  3. Yeah I agree. This was the first Jenny Han book I’ve ever read and I heard how in her other books her characters sounded a bit childish. While Lara Jean was quite naive through the whole book, my love for Peter K. solidified my feeling for this book. I hope they work it out in the next book!!!! Great review!!


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