Where Have I Been?

I cringed when I saw when I last posted. 3 months. What on earth happened? I will, in no way, excuse my behaviour so accept my bawling apologies. gif

So where was I for the past 3 months?

March: Me madly scrambling to finish a writing portfolio for a program I was hoping to enter into. It ended up with me submitting it in, 4 scant minutes before the deadline. My palms were sweating and I badly needed to run to the bathroom to either pee or throw up. Kids, let this be a warning to you to never, EVER procrastinate anything.

April: Exam month. Which was awful. My exams were spread out the entire month unlike last semester where I was finished in the first week and a half. This must be karma.

May: I found out that I was not accepted into the creative writing program which was disheartening. I did have to take a few days off where I was away from books and writing and find myself again. I realized that rejection is part of the process and it doesn’t define me as a writer or a person. Good thing is, is that I’m still writing!

I also took a trip down to Washington and New York City with my family for a little more than a week. It was amazing. The museums were fabulous and I especially loved the Met. But a word to the wise: if you’re planning on visiting the Met, you have to be FIT. We’re talking 3 floors, but it’s more like 3 labyrinths on separate levels. We spent 4 hours at the museum and we covered maybe…half of the exhibits and that was us sort of passing through everything and only stopping to admire a few things. If you want to appreciate the whole she-bang, you need an entire day.

My one regret from New York was not being able to go to BEA. I’m not sure exactly who can and who can’t go to BEA and I didn’t want to haul my entire family off to the convention when they weren’t as interested in it as I was.

The Books

Unfortunately, I only have two. It makes me so sad to look at this measly pile. 1058

Stolen Songbird: Thank you to the ladies at http://yamidnightreads.com/ for hosting a giveaway for this book. I’m so excited to read this!

An Ember in the Ashes: The hype-est book this year. The book where it has already secured a film deal BEFORE it was released. Has that ever been done before? Please be fabulous.

I’m really sorry for making you worry, Melanie. I’ve missed chatting with you and all of the other book-bloggers!

That’s me. How was the last three months for everyone?


4 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. AHHH HILARY OMG HIII *tackle hugs* And no need to be sorry, girl! We all understand that you have a life offline as well haha. Just so glad to hear back from you and that you didn’t decide to vanish. And sorry to hear about the creative writing program 😦 But you’re totally right! That, in no way defines you as a writer or a reader.


  2. I feel like Red Queen got a movie deal before it was released?! BUT I’M NOT 100% SURE ON THAT. Still, crazy awesomeness. XD

    Aww, rejection is so tough. I HEAR YA. I’ve been having a slew of it lately myself and it does take a bit to right oneself and move on. I hope positive things come your way soon and CONGRATS on still writing and pushing through it!! *showers you with congratulatory chocolate*

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    1. Thanks Cait! I’m 100% sure you’re going to get a publishing deal soon! I read your excerpts and they were all sorts of amazingness and I laughed far too much at how funny your characters were.


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