Why Can’t We All Be Friends?

Just friends.

I’m no hater to romance. In fact, I love a well-written romance and I also love friendships-that-turn-into-romances but books which primarily focus on the friendship and the bonds that tie characters to each other tear at my heartstrings.

YA books have so little of that.

Yes, yes, love is a universal theme but so is friendship! Why not centralize the plot around how these friendships were created and how these friendships survived despite all of the trials and sufferings the characters went through? Why not end the book with the knowledge that these people will still be best friends forever even when the book is closed?

That’s a sign of true friendship.

Some of my favourite books have some of the strongest friendships I’ve seen:

Harry Potter:  I appreciated the unshakable faith and support the three had for each other. And I would’ve been okay if Ron and Hermione never got together because I was so enraptured with how unwavering their friendship was. It was a constant theme throughout the entire series. Ron and Hermione had the opportunity to abandon Harry (and Ron did) but they always came back to him. Always.

The Raven Cycle: These 4 guys will always have each other’s backs. In a “if-you-touch-my-bro-I-will-punch-the-lights-out-of-your-head” way. If that doesn’t scream of loyalty, I don’t know what does.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Those bromances and sismances (?) were so stinkingly cute. That awkward-but-adorable friendship between Leo and Frank. The “I-respect-you-but-I-bet-I-can-still-kick-your-butt” bromance between Percy and Jason. And that familiar sister relationship between Annabeth, Piper and Hazel. Ahhh, the feels.

Vicious: Ohhh-kay. Maybe this isn’t quite a ‘friendship’ but hey, it started out as one. Victor and Eli could have been the world’s dangerous friends, destroying the world as we know it and I honestly would have happily accepted that because it was fascinating to see how they pushed each other to go beyond their intellectual limits.

What other books have you read that have friends who are ship-worthy? (Friend-ship. Get it? I’ll let myself out now.)


6 thoughts on “Why Can’t We All Be Friends?

  1. I love books about friendship!! THEY ARE MY FAVOURITE. And I completely love your summary of The Raven Boys…zomg, those boys are all my favourites. :’) I really love the friendships in The Mortal Instruments books. SO MANY DYNAMICS, and all the characters are freakishly fantastic. I liked the friendship in Because You’ll Never Meet Me…it was really light and cute and then got serious/dark quickly which was EPIC.
    And omg, yes, Victor and Eli could’ve been epic if they’d teamed up. Such messed up dudes, but such an excellent book. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    1. HOW DID I FORGET THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS FRIENDSHIPS? *bonks head*. Waitttt, wasn’t Because You’ll Never Meet Me the book where you were supremely disappointed in the ending? I’LL STILL READ IT FOR THE CUTE AND DARK THOUGH.


  2. The Book Thief has a really strong friendship between a boy and a girl. A couple of other books I’ve read this year with strong friendships were Listen, Slowly by Thanhha Lai and Under a Painted Sky by Stacey Lee.

    I think there might be more friendship books in the middle grade category, for obvious reasons.


    1. Thanks for reminding me about my need to read The Book Thief! You’re absolutely right about the MG category but I think that it may change in the future considering how kids are already dating at 10 years old.


  3. PREACH GIRL, PREAAAACH!!! We need more genuine friendships in YA books. That’s why HP is so fabulous. BECAUSE THE TRIO’S FRIENDSHIP IS JUST SO GODDAMN MAGICAL. And yes, yes yesssss to Percy Jackson. GAH I love that book so much.

    Excellent post, Hilary <33


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