Second Lead Syndrome-Book Version

For all the drama fans out there, how can you not relate?

Second Lead Syndrome is the heart-wrenching realization that you are a heck of a lot more interested in the secondary characters rather than the main character. They may have a dark past that prompts you to ask “How?” and “Why?”. They may have a twisted personality that makes it extremely fun to read (but probably not want to have). They may just be a lot more exciting to read about.

I would seriously love to read books about these characters.

Harry Potter: Can I get some hands raised for a story about Voldemort? How did he get that way? Was it really just his terribly upbringing that made him turn to the Dark Arts? We get a brief summary about his childhood but Voldemort’s a sneaky one. I’d love to read about him.

Or even Umbridge. One of the most despicable characters of all and some may argue she’s more evil than Voldemort. Is it her nature or a traumatic event? Something from her, most likely twisted, childhood? QUESTIONS.

And Luna. She’s…well, she’s Luna. Who doesn’t want to know more about her? She’s so…Luna and she’s so self-assured. I wish I had that confidence.

An Ember in the Ashes: I just finished reading this (review to come!) and I really want to read about Helene’s story. She is such a compelling character and the inner turmoil and torture she experiences feels so raw to me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a spin-off about her.

Looking for Alaska: Okay. I confess. I did not read this. I think I read the first two pages back when I was a young, innocent adolescent and I immediately thought “Nope. This is R-rated. Must stay away” and so I never finished it. However, I do know a LITTLE bit about this book and I think a book about Alaska would be fantastic. Hey, John Green, you listening? Please?

Percy Jackson: There’s a bajillion characters in the two series but the one who captured my attention the most from the first series (besides Percy. Swoon) is Luke. We get a fleeting look into his past but IT’S NOT ENOUGH. I want to learn more about his childhood and his relationship with his mother! I remember tearing up a little reading about his life with her.

The Hunger Games: Johanna! Literally, know nothing about her except what she’s willing to say and her fears. But HOW? Who did she love before the Games destroyed her? Who was Johanna before the Games?

The Winner’s Curse: The Emperor. And the General. Both father figures. Both extremely different in how they treat their children. I want to see how they interacted with Verex and Kestrel when they were babies. Did the General change because of his wife’s death? Was the Emperor always this distanced?

The Raven Boys: I have not caught up to this series which must be remedied soon but I would love to know about the pasts of all of the women at 300 Fox Way. Why, you ask? Because they’re a bunch of really cool people and I’d love to meet them for yogurt.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: What is with Peter and that weird relationship with Genevieve? Like seriously. I want to get to the bottom of this.

The Fault in Our Stars: Yes, I did not like this book but I kind of want to know more about Van Houten. He is a total jack-ass but I’d like to see his past with his daughter so that I may sob about how devastating the tragedy is especially if there are some very cute scenes with 8-year-old Anna in there.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe: Dante, Dante, Dante. Beautiful, lovely Dante. Aristotle is fascinating as the angsty, teenagery, broken character but Dante is just as broken.

Looking at this list now…it seems that I really like my characters to be evil, asses and/or damaged.

I don’t see a problem with me.

Which books/characters make your list?


2 thoughts on “Second Lead Syndrome-Book Version

  1. HA. Evil/damaged characters are the best I say. 😉

    I agree with a lot of these on your list! I don’t think they’re all necessarily more interesting (for me anyway!) than the main character, but DEFINITELy intriguing. I want them to have little standalones. LUUUUKE. I TOTALLY LOVE LUKE. I wouldn’t trade Percy’s narration for anything, but why couldn’t Luke have a spin off series?!

    And I think Alaska was WAY more interesting than Miles. *nods* I don’t think I’d stomach a book by Van Houten though.>_< ERGHHHH. He was so cruel.

    This is such a great post!!


    1. Ooh, that’s bad wording on my part. More like, I want to know more about this character along with the main character.
      I AGREE WITH YOU. All hail the King of Sass, Percy Jackson.

      Thank you!


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