How Do You Write?

Because I’m a snoop.

Well, yes, but truthfully, I am struggling a bit to continue on with my current WIP.

So what is my WIP about? It’s about an angel (how ironic is it that I’m writing something about an angel when I’m far from interested in reading angel books?). And a very colourful being. And some shenanigans. I can’t say much because I refuse to divulge any secrets.

Not really. It’s because I haven’t written much.

I’ve spent at least a week on just the first two chapters before I went to chapter 3 and found myself, utterly stumped. I couldn’t get a handle on one of my characters and I had to drop chapter 3 and re-write my character outline. Once I did that, I returned to writing.

But I still couldn’t get past chapter 3.


Therfore, yesterday, I decided to drop the whole linear process and write backwards. Start from the ending and work towards the beginning. I thought: ok, I already had a general outline of my plot and how I wanted to end it, and it probably wouldn’t be next to impossible.

For some reason, it worked.

Of course, it’s still in dreadful shape, but at the very least, I haven’t had writer’s block yet (don’t curse me, writing gods). And I discovered some benefits to writing backwards:

1. You know how to end it.

Everything should lead up to a satisfactory end. You don’t want to ramble on and on, add some exciting but not really necessary events, and then say “uh oh. What was I trying to say again?” And it’s a total pain when you edit because you have to decide which thousand of words you have to cut and which to keep. And you can’t choose because they’re all your babies.

I dont know what Im doing
To be fair, that’s how I feel about everything, 90% of the time.

2. You know what’s happening and you know where to add some foreshadowing!

I’m bad at writing foreshadowing. I don’t know how to keep people in suspense because I hate it (in a loving way) when I read books. But by going backwards, I can drop some subtle hints in the beginning that will reveal something later on in the story which I have already written.

3. Climaxes are usually near the ending anyway

Hey, it’s the most exciting part. I love to write climaxes. Whenever I come up with an idea and I start brainstorming, I write excerpts of what I might want to include. And they are almost always the climaxes.

4. I get a clearer sense of who my characters are

Character development! I know how they end up and then I’ll know how to write them in situations that will lead to their eventual maturing or change in personality or views of the world.

5. It’s something new.

Sometimes, I need something fresh. That’s why I have so many drafts of the same WIP because my brain can’t handle too many words. I have to start fresh and writing like this is a complete 360 from how I usually write.

That’s me, the weirdo who has to start from The End in order to end at The Start. But I want to know what’s the writing process for the aspiring authors out there. Is anybody else like this?


6 thoughts on “How Do You Write?

  1. YEAH YOU ARE A WEIRD. *falls on the floor laughing * I joke! I joke! But I am 100% linear. I can’t write backwards or out of order, I absolutely cannot do it. My beginnings usually suck the worst, but I refuse to edit as I write. So I just plough through even if I’m being awful. XD GOOD FOR YOU, THOUGH! For trying something new and figuring out what works best for you. 😉


  2. I always write from start to finish because I’m clearly neurotic like that 😉 But yep, I’m like Cait – I usually write my first drafts during one of the NaNo periods (either November or July) and I just kind of force myself to keep going, since I know I’ll end up deleting 99% of the first draft anyway. BUT INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH, I did use this method for a script I wrote for drama class at school – it worked really well 🙂


    1. I applaud anyone who can finish a first draft, especially when I haven’t gotten to that step yet. I’m kind of curious to see what The Daisy List first looked like, now.
      I’m happy to hear that it worked well, Emily!


  3. First drafts are so difficult for me! Normally I write in chunks so I end up with a bunch of pars that don’t really go together. I’m trying to be more disciplined and write from beginning to end (or as much as is possible) for my current manuscript, but I keep wanting to skip around and put my characters in different situations so that I can figure out who they are, and then go back and fill in the rest…


    1. THIS COMMENT. I TOTALLY RELATE. I write fragments as well and it annoys me because I can never connect them well enough. Then all I get is a document of snippets.


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