Review: A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir

Laia and Elias escape from the Empire. From the bonds that supposedly entrap them as slaves. 

The Empire is after them. 

The Blood Shrike will not let them out of her sight.


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Amnesia Storylines: What’s happening again?

I have a severe distaste for them. Like, if I see the words “so-and-so lost their memories and must now go on a journey to regain them…” I might have to put it down unless it is a series that I am a hardcore fan of and I trust the author to not ruin it for me (thank you, Heroes of Olympus).

I was reading a manga the other day which has a second series where the protagonist loses all his memories. And I liked the first series a lot so when this happened, I was flabbergasted and frustrated.


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